Top 8 Beauty Tutorials

There is a lot of bad, and a lot of good stuff on youtube. Here we’ve done the hard work for you and found some of the best beauty tutorials out there! Done a great one yourself? Send us an email and we’ll give you a mention 🙂

How To Apply False Lashes

Apply false lashes can be a minefield – especially for those of us who’ve not done it before. This video tells you everything you need to avoid those nasty pitfalls:

Plain & Simple Makeup

A simple video for applying makeup – nothing over the top, but you should learn a thing or two.


Who doesn’t love braids? Check out this simple tutorial for getting your own. Not as hard as it looks!


It can be a massive risk trimming your own hair. There are just so many places you can go wrong! This video prepares you for the experience if you want to DIY.

Smoky Eye

It can be hard making your smoky eye makeup actually look good. It’s actually quite easy to do if you watch this video.

Perfect Red Lips

Those perfect red lips are something which we all crave. Find out how to get them by watching this!

Amazing DIY Nail Art

My personal fav. Learn how to create awesome DIY nail art using newspaper. So unique!

Hide Acne With Foundation

We all get acne from time to time. Find out how to hide it with foundation in this video.

Yes we know we usually do top 10 lists but didn’t want to go over the top! Good tutorials really are few and far between so we thought more is less in this case!