Top LED Lamps For Gel Nails

Gel based nail manicures are becoming increasingly popular. They’ve got quite a few advantages over regular polish. They last much longer, up to 2-3 weeks yet still look incredibly natural. They also are odourless so don’t have that nasty chemical smell.

Not only can they be done be done at a salon, it’s possible to do the treatment yourself at home too. A key stage of the treatment is the LED lamps which dry and harden the nails. These can be expensive, but to ensure good results you want to buy a high quality system. These products will also be suitable for professionals offering services in a salon.

Here we’ll look at 3 of the best:

Nail Harmony Gelish LED Lamp

nail-harThe Nail Harmony is a very high quality but expensive product available for around $300. It can dry nails in an impressive 5 seconds – and that’s both hands too. It’s also wide enough to do your feet. There are other setting too; there are 20 and 30 second modes. These may be needed depending on the coat.

Because of the high build quality this system is going to last a long time. A massive 50,000 hours of use can be expected. It also has a stylish & sturdy design.

The system works very well for home use and is perfect for professionals or those running a home business. Even though LED lights are safer than UV, there still is some risk involved. It still emits some UV light and therefore there is a risk of wrinkling, sunspots, darker skin and even cancer. So remember to use proper protection like sun cream or special SPF gloves.

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MelodySusie Gel Lamp

melody suise nailA more affordable option available for under $100. The MelodySusie lamp uses LED lights which are claimed to last 35,000-45,000 hours. There’s not actually any heat involved in the drying process because of the LED lamps rather than UV. This means it’s pretty safe. But as with the Nail Harmony system you still need to use proper protection. It still emits some UV.

Despite this the drying process can happen very quickly. It should be finished in between 10 and 30 seconds.

The device has been positively received scoring an average of 4 stars on Amazon. However this device can only be used on gel nails. They won’t speed up the drying process on normal nail polishes. Make sure it will work on the products you use before you buy it!

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Creative Nail UV

creative nail lampAlmost certainly one of the best value products on the market. It can usually be picked up for around $120 yet has comparable performance with the other more expensive systems.

This device is incredibly versatile – it can easily treat the hands and feet yet is small enough to easily carry around & store when not in use. The 36 watt bulbs (4 in total) are suitable for use with Shellac and Brisa Gel. There are even different settings you can use – it comes with 4 pre programmed lengths of time. Reviews of the device have been overwhelmingly positive. It has received 50 five-star reviews out of 63 reviews.

The system can also be used to help speed up the drying process of any normal nail polish too. Perfect for those who just hate to wait!

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A word of warning though. UV nail dryers use the same sort of bulbs as tanning beds. So there are risks involved. It’s always going to be safer to use a system which doesn’t employ UV light. Read more about this issue.

Protection and safety are very important when using this sort of system.