Tria 4X Home Laser Hair Removal System Review

Tria 4X

Tria 4X







        Ease of Use



          • Achieves amazing results.
          • Easy to use.
          • Very safe.
          • Stylish design.
          • Lasts a long time.


          • Cost.
          • Shortish battery life.

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          “Adjusted” means we have filtered out the fake reviews, “sponsored” reviews and reviews where the customer didn’t use the device properly (for example they used the device once and gave up). You can read more about our reviews process on our main reviews page.

          • – 622 reviews – 3.6 Stars. We have adjusted this to 3.9 because of a large amount of reviews where the product has been used incorrectly, and on wrong skin types, and people who have a lower pain tolerance than average. This device does hurt more than the others but is also more effective.
          • – 47 reviews – 3.7 Stars. We have adjusted this to 4 stars for similar reasons to above.
          • Sephora [Large beauty retailer] – 284 reviews – 4.2 Stars – No adjustments needed. All seem fair and genuine.
          • [Large beauty retailer] – 46 reviews – 3.8 Stars – Adjusted up to 3.8 stars. Insufficient time used for a few reviews.
          • [Beauty reviews site] – 83 reviews – 3.5 – Adjusted to 3.6 – Insufficient use admitted for low reviews.

          Weighted average of all reviews = 3.96

          4x-triaYou must have heard of the Tria laser hair removal device. It’s one of the most popular home laser hair removal systems on the market. And for good reason.

          A quick note – the Tria 4x is a new and improved version of the original Tria. It has replaced the original device – it’s not an alternative deluxe model or anything.

          About the Tria

          The Tria uses technology which, it claims, is the most powerful handheld technology on the market. It works very well on light and fair-skinned people, but it also works okay for people who have dark hair. However the device will not be effective on people with ginger or blond hair. There simply aren’t enough dark pigments for the device to target.

          The device needs recharging; once it’s recharged it can last 20 minutes. This is okay because 20 minutes is the amount of time you should spend treating one area. Shorter sessions are best.

          How Long Until You See Results?

          The device does take quite a while to work, but this is to be expected. Tria Beauty claim that you will see results within 90 days and in 6 to 8 months a treatment should be complete. As we said; it’s long term! There are five intensity settings which is good for when you first start – you’ll want to use the lowest setting. Then you can build the way up to the higher and more effective settings. Certain areas, like your bikini area, need a lower setting.

          The device is very easy to use. It has a digital display, and beeps at you when you need to treat the next area. This stops you treating yourself to much in one area. The reason that it’s more expensive than the other models, is because of the technology it uses. It uses a pulsed diode laser which is more advanced than the ones the other devices use. Therefore the results are more permanent.

          Expected Results

          The majority of people achieve amazing results with the Tria. It’s possible the ones that don’t haven’t used the device properly. Or they have failed to understand exactly who the device works on. Following the instructions is essential for great results.

          Some people seem to be impatient. They expect the device to work straight away! This is unrealistic. You need to be very patient. After using the device for several months, people report a massive reduction in hair growth. And hair also regrows finer and lighter. The device can be quite painful at the maximum setting, but that shows just how powerful it is.

          It really is the best result you can get from a home laser hair removal system.


          The Tria laser hair removal device is a high quality system which will permanently reduce your hair growth if used properly. It’s actually the only device which can do this. The other devices will need to be used over and over – the hair will regrow the same as before after enough time. Rather than reducing hair growth they freeze it for a certain amount of time. But not the Tria.

          Yes the Tria is expensive but if you care about hair removal then it’s a great investment. It will save you a ton of time and money. Especially if you’re spending lots of money on laser hair removal at the salon.

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