Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light Reviewed – Another Breakthrough?

tria blueYou’ll have heard of Tria from their laser hair removal devices. But now they have another product on the market – the skin perfecting blue light. Is it as revolutionary as their hair removal devices?

So What Exactly Is It?

The Tria skin perfecting blue light is meant to eliminate the under skin bacteria which cause acne & skin problems. It’s a non invasive treatment so can be used every day, unlike some of the harsh creams on the market. You don’t get flaky and dry skin like you get with the creams too. Just 5 minutes a day is all it takes. Clean, quick and side effect free skin treatment which clears blemishes and helps stop future break outs.

So it’s designed to leaves skin looking healthier, cleaner and smoother.

It’s a very futuristic looking device which is extremely user-friendly. As soon as it touches your skin it begins to work. There is absolutely no pain at all – it’s just light.

The FDA have approved it so it should be safe and effective.

How Does it Work?

It’s actually much easier to show you how it works using this video from Tria. It’s pretty high-tech and needs to be used in conjunction with your beauty routine to get the most out of it.


Results will vary from person to person, but on the whole positive results are reported. People who use the device have less outbreaks, and this is after using it for only 5 minutes a day for a few weeks. The results are surprisingly fast actually.

Someone even reported it getting rid of a spot in 4 days after using it 8 minutes per day! So it seems like one of the fastest ways to get rid of spots.

Like the Tria hair removal device, there have actually been quite a few celebrities using the Blue Light too.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

The device uses cartridges, but the problem is, it doesn’t actually need these cartridges. The just give you the time which then counts down. You could understand if the system actually needed a part replacing after a certain amount of uses, but it doesn’t. It just seems to be a way of making extra money. This has put quite a few people off the device. They feel like they’re just renting it.

This unfortunately has led to some people giving the Tria Blue Light unfavourable reviews while ignoring how well it actually works. It’s a great device but remember that after about 2 months you’ll need to buy another cartridge. If you accept this, and it doesn’t come as a shock (like it has to some people) then you won’t be disappointed.  It really is a great product.

Do your research before you buy. Have a look about what people have to say on Amazon. That link also contains the latest prices.