The Best Waxing Kits For Home Use

Waxing is a popular form of hair removal because of its ability to pull out hairs from the root. The result of this is delayed growth of hair on the area that has been waxed for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of eight weeks.

There are various ways in which waxing can be done but this usually depends on the person having it done as well as the particular area on the body that is being waxed. Most times the waxing is done by a professional who can provide good all over results. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of having waxing done at a beauty salon is the cost attached to it, which is very high most of the time. Also it can really eat into your time if you need to book an appointment and travel to the salon.

This is where home waxing kits come in. They are used in the home and are nearly as effective as those used in beauty salons. The most common types of home waxing kits allow users to do both hot and cold waxes. This makes sure all their unwanted hair is removed and its re-growth is delayed. Some of the most popular waxing kits to use in the home include:

nairwaxNair Body Wax

This wax is made from water-soluble sugar that needs to be warmed in a microwave for fifteen seconds. Then the roller is used to apply the wax to the areas that need to have hair removed from them. As soon as the wax is applied a cloth strip is pressed on the skin and pulled off to reveal smooth skin with no hair. This is technically a sugaring kit but the results are just as good.

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sallyWaxing strips from Sally Hansen

These waxing strips contain ingredients which are natural such as soy bean extract and Vitamin E. Apart from the natural ingredients the waxing strips have been pre-cut and pre waxed resulting in skin that is moisturized after the procedure is done. Not only removes hair but leaves your skin feeling great.

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This is a revolutionary waxing kit to use at home because the strips are pre-coated and are able to take the shape of the curves of the body, making it very effective in hair removal. Its ingredients which are all natural include sugar, molasses, beeswax, lemon juice and honey. It also has wipes that can be used after the treatment to soothe the skin.

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gigiproGigi Pro

Want to get serious with your waxing? Then this is the kit for you. It certainly provides professional results. The kit includes the waxing solution, a wax warmer, strips, soothing lotion and pretty much everything else you’ll need. Using this kit can actually save you money. You get some very good results – as good as salon results with enough practice.

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veteVeet Cold Wax

This is one of the best DIY options for those who want their waxing at home to be near salon quality. The strips used don’t need to be heated so there’s no risk of any burns. The strips contain vitamin E and almond oil to help sooth skin after waxing. There are tabs on the strips which make removing them from your skin easy.

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