Important! Make sure you read all of this, don’t just scan the page for prices there are loads of important considerations that impact price.

When you’re thinking about Botox one of your first considerations will be price. It can be expensive, but there are loads of factors which can impact price. For these reasons it’s hard to provide exact figures. Any numbers on this page are rough estimates. Please keep that in mind!

These numbers can also be used as a rough estimate for Dysport.Also in this section:

Treatments Costs

There are a few ways which clinics can charge for Botox injections. This makes it even harder to provide some price estimates. Obviously the best way to get a good idea of price is to ask a professional. They will need to be able to see the area because everyone has different skin. Only they will be able to accurately provide you with an accurate estimate.

Cost Per Body Part

Some clinics will charge by body part. So you’ll be charged a fixed price for crows feet, forehead wrinkles, or mouth wrinkles. One of the advantages of this method is you know you’re going to get the area treated for a fixed price. There won’t be any “oh we need to use more Botox than we thought” moments. Also there’s less risk of (less reputable) clinics over-diluting the Botox and being able to charge more.

Volume Based

Other clinics may offer a volume based service. So you pay in terms of the Botox which is used. There are a few advantages to this method. Because different people need different size injections charging by body part could mean that some people are paying more than they need to. That is unless the clinic is injecting the same amount into everyone – if that’s the case then you should think about finding another clinic. Patients should be treated depending on their specific circumstances.

Cost Per Unit

Botox is usually quantified in units. It’s supplied by Allergan (the makers of Botox) in vials containing 100 units. But these units dried and so must be put into liquid form. This is done by diluting it with a saline solution. So it’s best to think of Botox in terms of units rather than the actual liquid volume. Read more about what exactly is in Botox here.

Typically each unit of Botox will cost from $10-$20. Here are how many units you’ll typically need for each facial area.

  • Frown lines – 20-40 units
  • Crows feet – 15-28 units
  • 11s (vertical lines going upwards from your eyebrows) – 20-25 units
  • Neck bands – 40-60 units

As you can see the general rule is the bigger the area, the more it’s going to cost. Look at the list of extra considerations below then you can get a rough idea of how much treatment will be.

Do you live in an expensive area and are going to a well-known clinic? Then the Botox will probably be charged towards the higher end of the scale ($15-$20).

Are you in your late 20s and don’t need too much work doing on your crows feet? Then you won’t need as many units injecting.

For the above example we could use the sum $18 (unit cost) X 15 (units needed) = $270 total cost.

Extra Considerations

Just like dermal fillers, Botox also has a range of considerations which can further impact price. Let’s look at some of these elements:

  • The qualifications, skill and experience of the doctor carrying out the treatment.
  • The part of the country you’re located.
  • The reputation of the clinic as a whole.
  • Extra treatments like touch ups which may be needed.
  • Extra medical equipment used.

Always over-estimate how much the procedure is going to cost. It’s always going to be hard to properly estimate. For example, you could need further areas treating to maintain the symmetry of your face. Read more about the technical details of Botox here.

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