Unlike many of the other conditions we look at on this site, varicose veins are a problem which occur under our skin. But unfortunately for us this problem is also very visible on the surface of our skin too, and can even cause other medical complications.

Because of the problem exists under the skin, treatments are more complicated and consequently more expensive.

Variations in Price

Naturally there will be substantial differences in prices between the treatments. Within a certain treatment there will be further differences in price. For example a person receiving sclerotherapy for several different areas would need to pay more than an individual receiving the treatment for a single area. The quality and reputation of the clinic / doctor performing the treatment is also reflected in the price. Please take the below prices as rough estimates only.

These prices have been obtained after researching the treatments from several different clinics and providers.

Surgical Costs

Vein Stripping – This can cost anywhere between $700-2000 per leg. And that’s just for the surgery. There will be additional costs like anesthesia and fees charged by the hospital.

Ambulatory Phlebectomy –  The costs are similar to vein stripping with ambulatory phlebectomy. However a general aesthetic may not be needed during this procedure. Consequently it’s less invasive than vein stripping and complications are also less likely. This may reduce potential aftercare costs.


Sclerotherapy is quite a short treatment – it usually doesn’t take longer than an hour. If only a small area needs treating the process may be completed in 20 minutes or less. Because of this the costs aren’t as high as they are for surgery. You should usually expect to pay between $200-500 for the treatment. However compression stockings may be needed to be worn after the treatment which may not be included in the initial price.

Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is another process which is relatively non invasive. Recovery time is usually very short. There are different sorts of laser which can be used in the treatment, so prices will vary even more than usual. However due to the advantages it has over other methods, and the fact that it’s quite new, laser treatment is usually a little more expensive. However there are always exceptions to that general rule. You may need to pay at least $1500 for one leg, but sometimes up to $3000.


Stockings are the exception to the rule. They’re the cheapest and least invasive treatment option but don’t always provide the best results. Costs for these stockings depend on the size and strength of the product in question. You should expect to pay around $20-60. Your doctor may also recommend prescription strength stockings which could be more expensive.

Can Varicose Vein Treatment Be Covered By Insurance?

This will usually come down to whether the treatment is done for health reasons rather than cosmetic reasons. So if you’re experiencing pain, itching, swelling, or other health complications then you should be able to get the treatment paid for. Sometimes you may be able to get a contribution to the procedure. Essentially the chances of getting the treatment paid for in part, or in full will come down to the details in your insurance policy.

Visit Your Doctor

Unfortunately the only way to get an accurate idea of how much you’re going to need to spend is to visit your doctor. There are a lot of factors to take into account and the treatment you’re considering may not even be the most appropriate option. It’s also important to talk to a professional so you can find out what is / isn’t included in the price.

For example some treatment providers may include all aftercare treatment, medical equipment and consultations fees in their initial estimate, while others won’t. The only way to find out is to ask in person! Many clinics and hospitals are quite secretive about their prices if you visit their website.

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