Dermal fillers cover a wide range of treatments. So getting an exact cost is going to be hard. As always you should talk to a professional. They can give you more information about the exact amount you can expect to pay and assess your suitability for the treatment.

Typical Costs

Dermal fillers can be priced by a clinic by using several methods. However they usually come down to two key elements:

  • Which filler is used
  • How much is needed

As a general figure you can expect to pay anywhere between $400 and $1500+ for a treatment.

Here are some numbers based on the dermal filler used:

  • Juvederm – $500
  • Radiesse – $600
  • Cosmoplast – $550
  • Sculptra – $1000
  • Artefill – $1000
  • Restylane – $650
  • Fat (Not really a filler, can be used in breast enlargement) – $1500+

But remember these figures could be much bigger if you need a lot of work doing. We hope that these numbers can at least give you a rough idea. It’s not a good idea to buy as cheap as possible as this could actually cost your more in the long run. We discuss this further below.

Have a look at the costs for botox treatments.

What Else Impacts Price?

As with all sorts of cosmetic treatments the cost of the treatment depends on several factors. Using the list below you should be able to get a more accurate estimation of treatment cost by adding or taking away based on the average numbers above.

  • The skill of the surgeon – This is incredibly important. Not just for safety but for how long the results will last. Make sure you know your surgeons qualifications and experience. Ask them how many similar procedures they’ve performed. The worst thing you can do is have treatment from an under qualified individual.
  • Was extra medical equipment used? – In some cases numbing cream or extra tools may be used in treatment. Just be aware that some medical equipment and treatment may not be included in the initial price. General facility costs may also be factored in.
  • The actual quantities of filler used – This one’s obvious. The higher the quantity used the more it’s going to cost.
  • Area to be treated – Some areas can be very tricky to treat, and therefore take more skill and time. This is reflected by the price. However some of the time there will be a set price for the actual body area.
  • Part of the country – Treatment costs are in some ways impacted by the living cost in the city. Obviously cities like New York and Washington are going to cost more than average.

Touch Ups & Value

You should factor in the cost of touch ups into the total fees. They may be required too, but the price of this is even harder to pin down. Ask your surgeon about potential extra costs before you get the procedure. You don’t want to be in for a nasty surprise!

Part of the overall value of the procedure will come down to how long the treatment lasts. If it’s expensive, but lasts several years, it’s going to be better value than a cheaper treatment which lasts months. Some doctors recommend getting a new treatment before the results have faded. This is because it will cost less in terms of the volume injected. Waiting longer will require a higher volume dosage.

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