Even though the process of electrolysis has been around for quite a while, it has just recently become as popular as it is today. Electrolysis is a hair removal method that is more permanent than others since it operates using electric currents and completely destroys the follicle.

The machinery and the overall technology that is used in the process of electrolysis is always changing. This has improved the whole idea of the procedure over the years. But one area people are still often worried about is the pain.


For people who have recently had the procedure done, there are a number of testimonials on just how efficient a formula it is. The treatment has done a lot for those seeking to improve their overall image and self-confidence. Especially on areas like the upper lip and eyebrows.

What Influences Price

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To them it’s certainly worth the pain. But remember, everyone will have different experiences with the treatment.

When it comes to the pain and discomfort, pretty much all other hair removal methods have it. It’s impossible to find a hair removal method which is both painless and effective! The treatment has received improvements over the years that have helped decrease the risks and the pains involved in the destruction of hair follicles.

But How Painful is it?

The procedure is supposed to involve little or no pain at all. But the salons would say that wouldn’t they! You should expect to feel some discomfort, especially when the treatment first starts and you’re not used to it. People say it’s more of a shock, than real pain.

The pain involved in electrolysis is pretty minimal these days. The pain has been reduced by the enhancements made to the machine and equipment used in electrolysis. They can get the same results at lower intensity settings. People tend to report a quick burning feeling that lasts for less than a second. This is sometimes accompanied by a tingling feeling too.

But remember your follicles are being destroyed. At least some pain is going to be unavoidable. In reality it depends on the individual. If you’ve got a high pain tolerance it shouldn’t be too bad. But if you’ve got a low pain tolerance then it could hurt quite a bit!

Ingrown Hair

Pain can also be caused by bent ingrown hairs that are harder to remove. This can come as a result of having done waxing in the past or the use of other forms of hair removal.


Some areas of your  body are more sensitive than others. If you had electrolysis on the backs of your hands, this would hurt no way near as much as electrolysis on your toes. A good rule to follow is this – if it hurts when you pluck it, it will hurt more when you get electrolysis.

You may also feel soreness and pain after the treatment too.

Reducing Pain

Numbing creams are often used throughout the different stages of treatment:

In the event that you experience too much pain after the treatment, a cream can be used which helps to reduce feeling. The pain is soothed by the cream and will cool off any sore areas. It can also help reduce the chances of infection.

Before the treatment it’s also possible to apply a numbing cream which will reduce feeling on the area to be treated. Ask your doctor or the person carrying out the treatment about this.

The following ideas can also help reduce pain:

  • Listening to music while getting the treatment.
  • Avoiding drinking caffeine prior to treatment.
  • Being as calm and relaxed as possible.
  • Asking if the intensity of the device can be turned down.

Hopefully you can see that these days the worry of pain shouldn’t be a key factor in preventing you from getting the treatment. The pain you feel will likely be much less than you expect.

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