Electrolysis is an extremely effective form of hair removal. It’s not always the most comfortable, or speedy treatments, but it’s definitely effective.

It’s also quite underrated  You can get rid of all kinds of hair on your body, including ingrown hairs. The treatment works for all colors & textures of hair. It also can treat all sorts of skin colors.

This treatment comes at a cost though. There are several factors which determine how much it can cost. Here we’ll give you some general ideas on how much you can spend and the various pricing methods.

Here are some general factors to consider when trying to estimate cost. Usually the more efficient and easy the treatment, the lower it will cost. But the time taken to treat an area will always be the main factor when determining cost.

  • The thickness of hair – If the hair is thicker it’s usually harder to remove.
  • How much hair you have – This one’s obvious. The more hair you have the more it’s going to cost.
  • The location – A nice flat areas is easier and faster to treat when compared to an area where the electrolysis equipment needs to be held at an awkward angle.

What Influences Price

Also in this section:

There are a few different methods which can be used to do determine price. Which one a salon uses is entirely up to them. They can change:

Not everyone will opt to get the removal done on every part of the body. Usually it’s just on a small part. Getting full body electrolysis is rare and would be very expensive. Normally people get the treatment on real problem areas which are easy to see. So areas like the upper lip or the eyebrows.

  • Per hair.
  • Per body part.
  • Per hour.

High Quality Treatment

Another big element which dictates the price of electrolysis is the practitioner and the city you’re having the procedure done in. If a practitioner has more experience it only makes sense that they can charge more. This is for good reason too; you get what you pay for when it comes to electrolysis. It can actually save you money if you go to a good electrologist – you can get the treatment done in less sessions and get a higher percentage of hairs permanently removed. The location of the spa where you are getting the electrolysis done will also contribute in determining how much you are charged. As we know, some cities are just more expensive than others.

Cost List

As mentioned above one of the ways treatment can be charged is determined by the amount of time it takes. The sessions are usually charged per hour although some places may charge for every half an hour or less.

Typically, you may find that a session can cost about $50-80 for an hour. Although this could be much more or less depending on the factors above. For every 100 hair follicles treated you should expect to pay $10-15. This may not sound like much but remember; the human body has millions of follicles!

This is how much each body part will roughly cost for a full treatment:

Bikini area – $400-500
Chin – $350-400
Upper lip – $350-400
Legs – $1000+
Back – $2000+
Eyebrows – $100-150

The costs above are very rough. They don’t take some important factors into account. It’s just so you can see how much you could potentially be looking at. The best course of action is to actually go to a clinic and have a professional examine you. After they’ve seen the area to be treated, and your hair type, they should be able to provide a more accurate estimate.

Time Taken

By far the most common way to charge for the treatment is by time taken. It’s often too hard to estimate exactly how much it will cost for a particular person’s body part. So even an estimation from practitioner would be hard. Treatments are unlikely to be longer than an hour; it can get too painful after that much time.


If you frequently are getting the treatment you may be able to buy in bulk or get an up front discount. This can save you quite a lot. Alternatively your local salon or clinic may offer some sort of loyalty scheme or discount.

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