Treatment using an epilator and waxing treatments are quite similar. They both involve the same method of removing hair – pulling it out. But which one is best? As with everything they both have their advantages and disadvantages. So neither is best overall. But they both excel in certain areas. Yes we know that’s a bit of a cop out answer but it’s the truth!

An Overview of Epilators

We’ve looked at waxing quite a bit on this site, but not epilators. Epilators are a hand held device which on first glance look like a normal shaver. However they don’t cut the hair, they pull it. They grasp several hairs at once and pull them up from the roots. This is better than shaving because the hair will take longer to regrow if it has to grow from the root, rather than the surface of the skin.Also in this section:

So essentially it’s like combining an electric shaver with waxing and plucking. It’s a very clean process which seems to combine the best elements of both methods.

Are They Both The Same?

The processes are very similar. But not exactly the same. Waxing and sugaring removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin when the strips or wax is pulled off. This gives your legs a smooth and silky feeling as the new skin cells are revealed. So removing the hair isn’t the only purpose of waxing.

With an epilator it can’t do this. It just removes the hair and doesn’t do anything to the skin at all.

There shouldn’t be any difference in the quality of the treatment. So a patch of hair waxed, and a patch of hair removed by an epilator should regrow at the same speed. So typically results with both treatments last 3-6 weeks. Hair which regrows may be finer and lighter too.

The Types of Treatment

Of course when comparing the two treatments, and trying to decide which is best, we need to think about what sort of products and services we’re comparing. There are many sorts of epilator available, and waxing can be done at home, or be done by a professional. You could get an epilator which does a truly terrible job, or get one which is of a high quality and performs well. Alternatively better results are nearly always provided by salon waxing. But this is going to be more expensive. So the advantages we look at below are from a very general perspective.

We look at a good epilator here.

Advantages of Epilation

  • It’s fast. You can treat a whole portion of your body very quickly. If you get good enough with the epilator it’s going to be as fast, if not faster than shaving.
  • They are clean. They don’t require any gels or creams to be applied. After use, nothing further needs to be done to the skin.
  • Good results. For speed vs results it can’t be beaten. The hair is plucked from the follicles so it will take time to regrow.
  • Price. You only need to buy the device. That’s it. Most of them are durable and will last quite a while too. With waxing you need to buy new strips & solutions frequently or shell out on salon treatments.

Advantages of Waxing

  • The skin is silky smooth after a waxing session.
  • Usually waxing can pick up hairs which are closer to the surface of skin.
  • Waxing isn’t as painful as you’d think. Many people think that epilation hurts more than waxing.
  • Home waxing kits hardly cost anything – just a few dollars. You just need to buy the strips if you make your own home based sugaring solution.

So it’s hard to say which is best. Invest in an epilator if you know you’re definitely going to use it in the future and can take the pain. Perhaps a waxing kit is better otherwise. For the way your skin feels after treatment waxing can’t be beaten, especially at a salon. But the convenience of an epilator makes the whole process so much easier.

However both provide great results, and will save you time when compared to shaving. So you can’t really go wrong either way.

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