You’ll undoubtedly have heard of Brazilian waxes. They involve getting rid of nearly all the unwanted hair from your genital area.

It differs from a bikini wax because more hair is removed. A bikini wax just removes hair which is visible when you’re wearing a bikini.

This particular type of waxing is most popular with women. However men are starting to get something similar done on their genital areas too. Salons are starting to offer the service for both sexes

Brazilian waxing was started around 1987 and it slowly started to take root in places like the United States. Over the years, the same method is still used all over the world and is more popular than ever. It was an idea that was developed by seven Brazilian sisters who moved to New York. The sisters were known popularly in Brazil as the J. sisters. Their legacy since then has grown and their service is now being used internationally.

What you Need to Know

For women, once you get a Brazilian waxing done, your entire pubic region loses its hairs (but only in the case of a full Brazilian). The waxing will still have to be done again after several weeks but it generally gets easier with time. In the case of a normal Brazilian wax, you end up with a soft landing strip in the middle. The main worry people have about the process is the pain. How much does it hurt?


The truth is your body may experience some discomfort at first. After having this waxing done over and over for a couple of times, you will become comfortable and acquainted with the process. It’s just getting through that first time!  One thing you could do for your first waxing session is request some numbing cream. Most salons will sell it, or you could bring your own if needed.

Your body doesn’t feel much, if any, pain after the waxing is done, so the pain isn’t permanent at all. It is however advisable to try to trim your pubic hair before so that the waxing in such areas does not take longer than needed. This could also add to cost if they trim it at a salon. There are some more tips to reduce pain in this Cosmo article.

It’s possible that alternative methods like epilation could hurt even more.


The wax is relatively fast. If you are trying to squeeze in one of these waxes into your busy schedule you need not worry. In total the waxing itself can take about 15 to 20 minutes on average. With this in mind, and taking into account the other procedures that you need to go through to get the waxing done (like dressing down, confirming your appointment and payment) you can easily get the whole process done in under an hour.


As far as privacy is concerned, all professional waxing centers must be able to provide their customers with high privacy levels. When you are changing, a separate room should be provided. For the sake of being comfortable, you can also choose the person to carry out your waxing in some salons. If you wish you can have a paper thong on the entire time over the parts that aren’t being waxed. So you don’t need to be completely naked!


Above everything else, good waxing procedures should specialize in ensuring that you are always in a clean environment. The room should be constantly sterilized and clean sheets of papers should be used during the entire process.

So make sure you pick the right salon which meets the above standards. Don’t be afraid to ask for a mini tour of the salon before you decide on treatment. You can tell a lot just from looking at the place. Read more about choosing the right salon.

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