The Top Ingrown Hair Home Treatments

We’ve already looked at preventing ingrown hair, here we will look at how to remove ingrown hairs if you do get them. All of these methods can be done cheaply from the comfort of your own home.

All you’ll need is a few common items. Have a look here for professional solutions.

Releasing the Hair

Follow these steps in order for the best chance of removing the hair:


The first thing you should try is exfoliation because it’s the easiest, and least invasive method of removing ingrown hair. Exfoliating the area can remove dirt and skin cells which are clogging up the pores. When this dirt is removed there’s a chance that the hair may be able to grow the correct way.

It gives it more space.

The exfoliation needs to be done over a longish period, so don’t expect really fast results. Try slowly and gently exfoliating the skin twice a day; once when you wake up and again before you go to bed. Simply rub the problem area with a circular motion using an exfoliant.

You can use exfoliating gloves, a loofah or make your own exfoliating scrub. Try using salt or sugar with an oil. Any oil will do – olive, vegetable or baby. If it doesn’t work we’re going to have to try and get the hair out by ourselves. However exfoliation is still a key first step. It’s going to be harder to relieve the hair if your pores are clogged up with oil and dirt.

Reducing Redness & Infection

Have a look at the hair. How bad does it look? Is it red and inflamed with puss under the skin?  If you want to properly remove the hair you’ll need to be able to see what you’re doing. So the problem area needs to be clear and unswollen. Try the following techniques:

  • Apply toothpaste to the problem area. This can dry it up and remove the puss.
  • Ice can really help with swelling. Apply it several times a day and then again before you’re about to remove the hair.
  • Tea tree oil is a good antiseptic,  it keeps the skin clean and kills any bacteria.

Read some other treatments you can try here.

Relieving the Hair

Now we can actually think about getting the hair into the correct position. You should never be tempted just to pluck out the problem hair – this will start the problem all over again. The hair will just regrow in the same way and become ingrown again.

Firstly you should hold a warm wet cloth against the affected area for several minutes. This will further reduce swelling and loosen the hair. If the hair previously wasn’t visible this will hopefully bring it to the surface of the skin. You must be able to see the hair for the next stage, if you still cant see it seek professional advice.

Get a clean pair of tweezers, preferably with a pointy tip (a needle or pin will also work). You should see the hair close to the surface of the skin, gently try and untangle the hair and pull it straight. You may see a loop of hair, if you do gently pull the loop to bring the tip of the hair to the surface. The key is to be patient and not to get frustrated.

Don’t dig at the hair through the skin! You should not pierce the skin in any way! If you’re not having any luck, try again the next day.

Once the hair has been straightened the area should quickly heal and return to normal.

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