The majority of acne treatments that are available for those suffering from the skin disease are a mixture between the general obvious treatment (like face washes) and those prescribed by a doctor.

These treatments can either be bought at pharmacies without a prescription, while others have to be prescribed by a doctor. Certain procedures must be carried out by a doctor too. However, there is an alternative that is being embraced in regard to the treatment of acne; these are homemade treatments.

These treatments can simply be described as remedies of acne that can be prepared using ingredients that can be found within the home, and when used can sometimes provide very good results.

The benefits of using this sort of acne treatment is that they are obviously much cheaper and sometimes more natural than the other treatments. You know exactly what goes in them. The money that would have been used to buy acne treatments or go through a variety of procedures can be saved by simply preparing a quick remedy in the home.

Homemade treatments when made using the appropriate ingredients and used consistently may result in skin that is free from acne and healthy as well. They’re not miracle workers but they can get rid of acne pretty quickly. However results depend on the individual. Let’s take a look at a few of the best here:


Toothpaste is one of the most common yet effective acne treatments in the home and has been known to reduce the swelling that sometimes accompanies the pimples on the various part of the body. The toothpaste is applied on the affected area (sometimes overnight) and then it is washed off later or in the morning. Regular application of toothpaste results in smaller pimples leading to clearer skin.

Lemon Juice

A mixture of lemon juice as well as rose-water has also proven to be a choice of many people who have acne. Some good results have been reported on the affected areas after its application and subsequent washing off. The mixture which is left on the skin for half an hour or more, results in the clearing of acne while leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy. However, this treatment is not for those with sensitive skin.

Apple & Honey

Blending apple together with honey to create a paste which can then be applied to the affected area is another treatment that works well. When applying the paste, avoid rubbing it in harshly or even pressing it so that the skin does not get irritated. The paste should stay on the skin for at least fifteen minutes before it is rinsed off using warm water. This is essentially an exfoliating skin mask. Read a more detailed recipe here.

Baking Soda

Another idea for fast results is baking soda mixed with water to form a paste. Just mix it together (just enough water to form a paste) then apply to the affected areas. The baking soda should be left to dry and then washed off using water so that the results of the treatment can be seen, which is usually healing of the pimples quickly. It should dry up all of the excess oils in the skin.

Olive Oil & Salt

Some people swear this works. Just mix 4 tablespoons of salt with 3 tablespoons of olive oil then massage it around your face. Just leave it on for a few minutes (3-5) then wash off with soap or a face wash. This should exfoliate your skin and put some natural oils back into your face. This one isn’t as fast working as the others but over time should really help make your skin look healthy.

Ultimately, if the acne becomes more serious after the use of homemade treatments then the best option would be to seek medical advice to know whether there is an underlying cause of the condition that needs to be addressed.

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