Fantastic inexpensive results can be achieved with sunless tanning sprays like this one. But there are more expensive options out there.

Gone are the days when fair-skinned men and women would spend all day in the sun to get that super-tanned look. Times have changed and people have realized that sun-tanning, though ‘natural’ in the truest sense may not always be good for the skin. Many rightly consider too much sun bathing to be too risky. Especially if they want a really dark tan. The ill-effects catch up sooner than you’d think. The adverse effect of sun tanning are positively dangerous – we all know how much it increases the risk of skin cancer.

The Cost of a Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a good alternative. The primary attraction of this type of tanning is that it doesn’t take too long (only a few minutes if you’re getting this done in a beauty salon); doesn’t cause skin cancer and most importantly, those countless trips to the beach or to the tanning bed are not necessary.Also in this section:


So why isn’t it more popular than it is currently? The primary reason for this is the cost involved for a treatment which isn’t permanent.  There are essentially two sorts of tan you can get from a salon – spray tanning from a machine, or an airbrush tan done by a real person.

Tanning Machine

Having the tan sprayed by a machine will usually cost $25-50. This will vary depending on how good the machine is. The best ones not only will give you a realistic tan, but will extract the spray in the air. This is safer (since you don’t inhale the spray) , and means the spray doesn’t drift downwards giving you extra tanned feet.


An airbrush applied by a professional costs around $35-70. However in certain circumstances it can cost more than this. Especially if you want emphasis on certain areas of your body (like abs and breasts). These tans are usually work better than the ones done by a machine. The person doing the tan will see if any bits have been missed. Additionally you can get specific bits of your body tanned in needed. It doesn’t need to be an all over tan.

Because getting these sorts of tan done all the time wouldn’t be cheap, sometimes people just get them for a special occasion like a wedding, party, or holiday.

Home Tan

If you spray tan with home based products the cost can be much cheaper. You can expect to pay $5-30 per bottle. But these results don’t always look realistic and will fade very quickly. You’ll need to be reapplying constantly.

The Alternatives & Costs

However in many ways spray tanning can potentially save you money. In the future you might have to spend thousands of dollars on anti-wrinkle creams and other anti-aging products if you spend too much time in the sun. This is a point which is rarely thought about. Cancer isn’t the only damage the sun can do. So in this respect, you can consider spray tanning an investment! Too much tanning in the sun isn’t really free. Sooner or later you’re going to end up paying.

Tanning Beds

The sun isn’t the only option to spray tanning – there is the tanning bed too. Many think that this is one of the better and safer alternatives to sun tanning and less expensive than spray tanning. This process does not result in rapid tanning but to get that look you want, you might need repeated sessions.

This by itself could damage the skin, since exposing the skin to very high temperatures repeatedly could damage the blood vessels under the skin. One session usually costs around $15 for an hour. Forgetting that desired degree of tone, you could need a total of 5 sessions and then for maintenance of the tan, another 2 sessions every week. This works out to a total of 9 sessions in the first month at $15 per session coming to $135. The following months could mean an expenditure of around $120 per month.

Potential Savings

Though the prices mentioned are average rates, different salons work with different pay scales. Some salons may offer certain deals for regular customers, or some sort of loyalty card. For example they could give you a free spray tan after every 5 sessions, or give you a decent discount if you buy several sessions at once.

It all depends how much having a good tan, and maintaining health skin, matter to you.

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