Breast enlargement surgery can be quite a risky procedure. As many as 20% of women need to have the implants removed within 8-10 years [source]. The negatives are well documented, the implants could rupture, they could be uneven, or they may be visible through the skin.

More serious complications like an adverse reactions to the anaesthetic, infection, and blood clots & bleeding can occur. These things are certainly life threatening. Just because a surgery is cosmetic in nature doesn’t mean it’s any safer than normal surgery. Let’s be realistic – it’s still incredibly dangerous and things can go wrong.Also in this section:

We’ve already looked at how dermal fillers and Botox can enhance the face, but what can injections do for the breasts?

Fat Injections

Essentially a fat injection takes fat from one area of your body (usually the hips or thighs) and puts it into your breasts therefore making them bigger. Sounds like a dream come true right? Well it’s actually a little more complicated than that, but that’s essentially it. The fat is harvested, treated, and then strategically injected.

Once the fat is injected there’s a good chance that it can survive and actually become part of the breast permanently. Numerous figures are seen but typically 70% of the fat which is injected becomes part of the breasts. The other 30% is lost. Depending of the quality of the treatment the percentage of fat retained could be as much as 95%. The fat needs to become part of the blood supply so it becomes living tissue.

End results do seem positive. WebMD states that a “study of 50 women showed that there was an average increase of 210 milliliters of breast volume after 6 to 12 months”. 

How Much is it?

It’s quite expensive.  Typically you’re looking at $7,000 – $20,000 depending on the quality of treatment. This is due to the time consuming nature of the process. Remember that the harvesting, treating and injecting all need to be done which takes time. The whole process can take up to 5 hours.

Much will depend on the size increase desired. It’s going to be more time consuming, and consequently more expensive, if you want a large increase in size.

Why Get it?

  • Minimally invasive. Very few complications are reported and since your own fat is used there isn’t any chance of a reaction.
  • It’s natural. Nothing new is going into you like an implant. It’s just like your fat is getting redistributed – from one area to another.
  • There is no chance of the fat leaking or hardening.
  • It’s permanent. It doesn’t need to be replaced unlike other breast enhancement treatments.
  • Can be used in conjunction with traditional breast implants for better results. It can help smooth wrinkles and reduce unevenness.
  • There is minimal downtime after the treatment and no scarring. No major incisions need to be made.

Are There Any Downsides?

  • The fat needs to come from somewhere. Remember that it needs to be treated and purified too so 1cc of body fat extracted doesn’t = 1cc of fat ready to be injected. Some people are unsuitable for the treatment because they just don’t have enough fat.
  • The treatment doesn’t give big results. It typically can increase your breasts by 1 cup size.
  • It doesn’t help droopy breasts or provide massive physical alterations.
  • Still usually requires an anaesthetic.
  • It’s time consuming and several treatments may be needed to get the results you want. The process can be unpredictable in relation to the percentage of fat which survives.

Overall the treatment is a viable alternative to getting implants, especially for those who only want a minor increase in breast size. It’s also good for those who want a natural alternative to implants, or those who are wary of the other risk associated with surgery. However since you still need an anaesthetic there are still risks involved, and it’s still a procedure which you should think a lot about before getting.

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