A dream for a lot of people is never having to worry about hair removal ever again. They want to just completely forget about it.

The phrase permanent hair removal is thrown around a lot. We know that laser hair removal isn’t permanent – even from the best treatments you will still need top up sessions.

For both men and women our hair growth is often impacted by hormonal factors. Depending on numerous factors our hormonal levels can change all the time. And that’s one of the problems with other hair removal methods. It could be pointless to get hair removal one week if the following week you have a surge in hormone levels.

However for people with hair growth in an unwanted area, having electrolysis is a permanent solution. This is because it uses electricity to remove the hair follicles from the roots. They are gone forever so hormone levels don’t matter at all.Also in this section:

More about hormone levels in women.

What makes Electrolysis Work so Well?

Removing your hair from the roots is a sure way of preventing it from growing again. It completely cuts off the blood supply to the follicle. This means the new hair doesn’t have the energy or nutrients to grow. This is done from inserting a needle into the base of the follicle and putting intense heat into the it. Note – although it’s a very effective treatment, it isn’t guaranteed to work 100% of the time. For example the practitioner may not insert the needle correctly therefore not destroying the follicle.

The Importance of the Treatment Provider

The success mostly depends on the person providing the treatment. If they do a perfect job, and treat each follicle for as long as is needed to destroy it, then the results will be permanent. This however is hard to do. Even so the method is still considered permanent, because when things are done properly, the hair certainly won’t grow back.

The human body doesn’t make any new hair follicles after birth:

In humans the formation of hair follicles takes place during embryogenesis, and no new hair follicles form after birth. However, the character of individual follicles can change drastically over time…

– From

So this means once the follicle is gone, it’s gone forever. There is literally nowhere else the hair can come from.

Will Electrolysis Affect Your Skin?

Most people wonder whether the damage of the hair follicles will eventually damage their body permanently as well. The electric currents are used carefully in a way that will have no serious side effects on the skin. The technique has been designed to protect the skin and ensure that there is little or no damage at all to your tissue. You can expect some side effects like the skin getting discolored, but this is not the case for everyone and still quite rare.

The best way to make sure that you have the desired results from your procedure is to get a professional to do it for you as opposed to using a home device. This will:

  • Improve results (fewer follicles will be missed, and more follicles will be permanently destroyed).
  • Reduce risks.
  • Make everything go faster.


Sometimes people get the treatment but complain it didn’t work. In these cases it isn’t the electrolysis that’s not working, but rather the person providing the treatment. The person providing the treatment is as important as the device used.

You know the old saying – it’s not the tools, but how you use them. So make sure you do plenty of research into treatment providers before handing over any money.

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