Scroll to the bottom of the page for an infographic which gives you a rough idea of how much it costs.

Remember that all prices on this page are a rough estimation. There are loads of factors which can dictate price.

Generally speaking laser hair removal is quite expensive. Overall though it hopefully will save you money when compared to shaving, waxing or other temporary shaving methods. We’ll tell you exactly how in this article. There are also home based hand held devices to consider too. Look at this part of the site for more info on home laser hair removal devices and their prices. They’re not as powerful as treatment from the salon but have the potential to be more cost effective if the devices can give you the results you’re after.

The Costs by Body Part

Body PartClinic Cost4 Sessions
Upper Lip$60$250
Hands / Feet$70$280
Bikini Line$100$400

We’ve given the price after 4 treatments because that’s the amount you’ll typically need on a certain body area. Hair removal can’t be done properly in just one treatment. However some people may need more treatments (if you’re extra hairy) and others may need less.

Prices Explained

Some of the prices above do seem quite expensive. However there are some factors which can impact the price one way or another. For example:

  • Bulk buying  – You may be able to get a discount if you buy several treatments at once. This can save you hundreds of dollars over time.
  • Is your hair thick or thin – If your hair is very thick (this especially applies to men!) then it’s going to be more expensive. This is because it will be harder to treat; it will take longer.
  • Reputation – If you’re going to a high profile clinic which provides excellent service & safety it’s going to cost more. It’s similar to paying for a brand. If you go to a clinic which celebrities visit you can be sure it’s going to cost much more!
  • Hair type & skin type – If you have dark skin, or blond or ginger hair then it’s not going to be as easy to remove your hair. You can read why by reading our article on how laser hair removal works.
  • How hard is the area to treat – If the area is especially hard to treat or needs extra care (like facial areas) then the price may be higher.
  • Part of country – The treatment has different prices in different cities.
  • Extras – Are things like aftercare treatments or numbing creams included in the price?

Also in this section:

In the heatmap below you can see the more expensive areas of the United States. If you’re in a redder coloured area you should add approximately 10-20% to the prices above, if you’re in a greener area take 10-20% off. If your area is yellow your prices should be generally as stated.

Laser Hair Removal v The Cost of Traditional Hair Removal

One thing to remember about the procedure is that it’s semi permanent. It will permanently reduce hair growth. This means you won’t need to shave (or do other hair removal) anywhere near as much. This means you don’t need to buy razor blades or other hair removal products.

This might not sound like much but the cost of razor blades soon adds up. Especially when you need to buy them for the rest of your life! With electric razors you can’t always get a good close shave and you still need to replace them occasionally.

Perhaps more important is the fact that a lot of time is saved. How long do you spend shaving each week? Is it hours? With laser hair removal you’ll only need to have top up sessions occasionally. Over years you could actually save days worth of time.

And that’s where the treatment is best. Long term. It’s all about long term benefit. It works well over the long term, saves you money long term and saves you time long term. If you’re patient enough then it’s really worth the investment. Even though the initial price can be a bit shocking.

Are There Alternative Pricing Methods?

Some clinics may not charge a fixed fee. Due to the complexity of the treatment alternative pricing methods are sometimes better. They could charge on the following criteria:

  • The time treatment takes.
  • Pay per pulse, so every time the machine is pulsed over a set of skin.
  • Pay per square inch of hair removed.

We also have made a spreadsheet calculator which can give you a better idea of the costs.

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