When we’re talking about laser skin tightening, we’re not just talking about one device. The phrase includes hundreds of different treatments. So when we’re thinking about the costs of such treatments, we need to get a little bit more specific. Some may require anaesthetic and lengthy aftercare, while others can be completely done in under an hour.

What Are The Most Important Factors in Determining Price?

Although there is a substantial price difference between the sort of laser used, there are common factors which can influence price. As you will see most of these are common sense:

The Current State of Your Skin

If you’re still relatively young and have just got one or two fine lines you want to take care of, then a single treatment may be enough. On the other hand heavily wrinkled skin with lots of blemishes may need a full treatment of 7+ treatments.

The more treatments you get the higher the cost.

However you may be able to get a reduction in cost per treatment if you buy a number of treatments in one go.

What You Need Doing

If the treatment is going to take longer, and be more complex then it’s going to cost more. So if you’re having  the treatment to sort out scars, sun spots or uneven skin then it will be more expensive. And obviously the same is true if you’re having a large area like your face and neck doing, as opposed to just a small part of your face.


If you’re getting a procedure from an experienced specialist who has performed hundreds of treatments then you’re probably going to pay for the privilege. This should mean that any procedure you get both looks better and lasts longer. So it can potentially be worth paying a little extra.

The Different Sorts of Laser

Because ablative treatments involve removing the top layer of your skin, they often require more complex aftercare and may even require an anaesthetic. Consequently they are more expensive than non ablative treatments which are classified as an out treatment. This means patients who get the treatment can usually leave right after the procedure.

The following costs are for a single treatment.

  • Micro Laser Peel – $700
  • Fraxel – $900
  • Co2 Laser – $1500+
  • Erbium Laser – $1000+

Be wary of clinics who charge around $150 per treatment. The treatment as you can see is generally quite expensive. Clinics who charge much less may not be using real laser treatments.

Going for the cheapest laser isn’t always the best idea. Certain lasers are better at treating a specific condition than others. The right tool for the job needs to be chosen. Don’t have a fixed view on the exact treatment you want. Let a professional decide!

An Accurate Estimate

Remember that certain locations in the United States may have a higher cost of living than others. Hopefully we’ve shown that there are lots of factors which can influence price. Getting a no obligation quote from the clinic will be able to provide you with the best idea of the potential total costs.

They’ll be able take into account the sort of laser used, the sort of treatment, the condition of your skin and other general pricing criteria. Until you get a quote any price ranges you hear online are going to be rough estimates. This is especially true with laser resurfacing more than other treatments because as we discussed above, it’s somewhat of an umbrella term.

Rough Estimation

For a (very) rough estimation of how much it will cost, have a look at our excel calculator. It attempts to estimate based on variables such as your skin condition, living costs, and the reputation of the clinic.

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