We have looked at how much the laser tightening procedure is here. As you can see it’s quite expensive, costing several thousand dollars for a few treatments. So you’ll want to know how long it can potentially last for so you can decide whether it’s worth the investment.

As with all forms of laser skin tightening, how long the results last depend upon the exact sort of treatment you get. Is it ablative or non ablative? Did you get it from a reputable professional or somewhere cheaper? Was it an intensive treatment or a quick touch up?

There’s going to be significant differences between the treatments. Your own skin type also plays a major role in how long it can last. As always a doctor who knows your exact circumstances will be able to give you the most accurate estimation. Here we will attempt to give you a rough estimate.

Is Laser Resurfacing Permanent?


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Laser resurfacing can be used for treating quite a few skin problems. So whether it’s permanent or not may depend on the reason you’re getting the treatment. Generally speaking the treatment results remain until another natural process undoes the work done. Let us explain…

A Natural Process

Unlike treatments like Botoxspray tans or teeth whitening, the results of laser resurfacing occur through the natural reactions of the body. As we discussed here the treatment fools the body into thinking there is a wound, so extra collagen and skin growth is stimulate

The processes which can undo the work are elements such as aging, acne, scarring, sun damage or any new spots or blemishes. The procedure can’t permanently stop aging or keep your skin even.

How Long Does it Last For Wrinkles?

One of the main reasons people get laser resurfacing is to treat wrinkles. The treatment should last several years when done by a skilled practitioner. The more treatments received, the more collagen is stimulated and built up. Although a single treatment may be much less expensive it may not be most cost-effective approach long-term unless you’ve only got a few wrinkles.

So you’ll have more collagen (and therefore less wrinkles), but you’re still aging. A good way to think of the treatment is like it’s turning back the clock. But the clock is still ticking  so eventually you’ll need another treatment.

Top Up Sessions

The best idea isn’t just to get a few treatments and forget about it. Rather you should check back in with your doctor after about a year. This way any touch up session you need won’t to be as intense. If you leave it too long it’s going to be like you’re starting from scratch again.

Your doctor may even recommend another less expensive form of treatment such as microdermabrasion if your skin still looks in good shape.

Making It Last Longer

Taking good care of your skin will help the results last for much longer. Don’t spend too much time in the sun, and if you’re going to be outside a lot wear a high sun protection factor. To help with an even skin tone and texture you should do everything you can to prevent breakouts of acne or other blemishes.


Eating a balanced diet full of antioxidants will further help decrease the rate at which your skin ages. So laser resurfacing shouldn’t be seen as a one time treatment used to temporarily make you look younger like Botox, rather as an important weapon to help your skin look young, smooth and full of life. For best results it needs to be used as part of an overall beauty routine.

Ask Your Doctor

After paying all that money you need to do all you can to extend the amount of time the results last for. Don’t forget to ask your doctor for advice as there could be specific things you should / should not be doing depending on the type of treatment used.

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