Microdermabrasion is a good treatment. But the cost is always going to be a major concern. Your budget can determine which treatment method you use. You can go to a professional dermatologist to have the procedure done, or you can decide to have the procedure done at a local salon or spa.

Some people even buy microdermabrasion kits to use at home.

The last of these options is the cheapest, but more expensive treatments from someone with professional training are always going to provide better results and be safer.

What Influences Cost?

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The costs almost certainly will vary from one dermatologist to another. Cost varies due to several factors. Much depends on the physical location of the clinic you choose. We know that different prices are charged for goods and services depending on which part of the country you’re in. And the same goes for beauty treatments. Another factor that contributes to the difference in price is the exact sort of treatment provider you choose…

Spa & Salon vs Clinic Treatment

You can have the procedure carried out at a spa, salon or at a clinic. This is a very important distinction that is sometimes overlooked. In clinics the treatment is administered by a fully trained and qualified doctor. Salons and spas on the other hand don’t need any qualifications in order to provide the treatment.

Anyone can do it.

That’s not to say that a spa or salon would provide a poor treatment, just be aware that the individual providing the treatment may not have much experience. So always ask how many procedures they’ve performed first. You’re likely to get better results and care from a qualified doctor so consequently the treatment will be more expensive.

The reputation of the clinic, salon or spa will also be factored into the cost. The reputation could be based on a number of things like the experience of the practitioners, whether it has been promoted / advertised excessively or if it’s part of a big chain.

Body Areas

So already you can see that there could be a massive difference in price dependant on whether you’re getting the treatment done in a clinic, salon or spa. And then within those treatment providers you’re going to get even more diversity depending on the reputation or location. But it gets more complicated still!

Costs may vary depending on the area you’re going to get treated. If you want a big area doing like the back, it’s going to cost more than getting just the nose done. To adequately treat a specific area you may also need several sessions. If you then want to maintain the results you’ll need to have top up sessions.

To know the exact amount of sessions you’ll need you should talk to a professional. We all have different skin types. If your skin has lots of blemishes or scars then it will take more sessions when compared to someone who already has good skin and just wants to make it look even better.

So Give Me Some Numbers Already!

OK we’ve gone on long enough about what can impact price. So let’s get down to numbers. The average cost for a microdermabrasion treatment should be somewhere between 100 and 200 dollars. However you’ll easily find the treatment offered for much less ($50) and much more ($500+).

Possible Discounts?

Some locations may give a discount for loyal customers or reductions if you buy in bulk. If you’re having the procedure to sort out some sort of problem like acne, sun damage or scarring then you may need an in-depth consultation with a dermatologist. If this is the case you need to at least add $50 onto the amount you can expect to pay – usually even more

Make sure you do some research on the various prices available. Be sure to get value for your money. Inexperienced dermatologists or practitioners can damage your skin.

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