Many of us will suffer from skin tags some time during our lives. If we do get them we want an easy way to get rid of them which doesn’t require spending hundreds of dollars at a clinic.

Creams are always going to be a nice, painless, and non invasive treatment. You just put them on and let them do their job. For that reason they’re one of the most popular treatment methods for skin tags – unlike cutting them off. But how do you know where to start?

Salicylic Acid

Warts and skin tags are very similar in a number of ways. Including the fact that over the counter creams can get rid of them. This is because they contain the ingredient we need – salicylic acid. The acid works by destroying healthy skin. Even though warts and skin tags are unwanted, they’re still classified as healthy. Once the salicylic acid is applied it softens and loosens the skin tag allowing it to be removed easily. Sometimes they even fall off by on their own.

Available Products

Creams aren’t the only options, they can come in other forms such as :

  • Gells.
  • Lotions.
  • Pads.

Some of the stronger products are prescription only, but they will only be needed in serious cases. If you have lots of large skin tags you should visit the doctor. Here are a few which are available over the counter suitable for treating a few, small, skin tags:

  • H-Skin Tags Treatment.
  • Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel.
  • Salicylic Acid Skin Peel.
  • Skinhale.

However any wart remover which contains salicylic acid will work. There are loads of brands and many pharmacies make their own line. They won’t be too expensive. You can expect to pay around $15-25 for 15ml. But if you have a few tags you may want to buy a larger quantity.

Application & Side Effects

All that needs to be done before application, is to have properly cleaned the area. The products will give you exact instructions but usually treating the problem area for 1 week should be long enough. There may be some mild stinging and redness associated with this treatment. Although they are rare, allergic reactions are possible. See your doctor as soon as you can if you experience dizziness, itching or rashes.

Depending on the individual, you should see at least a reduction in the size of the tags. In some cases they may disappear completely.

You can also ask your doctor which creams they recommend if you really don’t want to cut them off.

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