For many the cost of teeth whitening will dictate what sort of treatment they go for. If it’s too much, some people may opt to buy a home teeth whitening kit. Here we will look at some of the general prices you can expect to pay at a dentist or salon.

The process involves professionals using chemicals and machines to make your teeth whiter. It should be safer to have your teeth whitened by a professional than to whiten them at home using home remedies or kits. The danger of using home remedies to whiten your teeth is that you can cause damage to your enamel and gums if you’re not careful. The cost of whitening your teeth at the dentist’s office has become cheaper over the years since it was first introduced.

Price Variation

Professional teeth whitening prices vary from one method to another. Dentists can use different methods to whiten your teeth. This price is also affected by the location of the clinic and the dentist performing the procedure. Less stained teeth cost less to whiten. It is important to shop around to know the various prices on offer. After doing your research, you can use the dentist of your choice. Usually getting the treatment in a salon won’t be as expensive. But professional dentists won’t be performing the treatment, and results usually won’t be as good. There is actually a bit of bad blood between dentists and salons. Read this article for more info.

What Impacts Price?

The cost of whitening can be dependant upon several factors. Here are just a few:

  • The inclusion of home maintenance kits.
  • Consultation meetings.
  • The exact products used.
  • The equipment used (such as lasers).
  • The current color of your teeth.
  • How white you want your teeth.
  • Additional work needed on your teeth.
  • The part of the country you’re in.
  • Experience of the practitioner.


The normal range of prices for teeth whitening are $400 going up to $900. How much will be charged will depend on some of the points above. The best salons may charge over $1500.

Clinics offering the treatment will charge much less, usually $50 to $200. They usually charge per session. Sometimes due to legal requirements the salon won’t actually give you the treatment. Rather they’ll provide everything you need and give you instructions on how to perform the whitening in the salon.

Although cost is sometimes an indicator of how good the treatment is, that isn’t always the case. Make sure proper research is also undertaken before you choose a dentist or salon.

Specialist Treatment

Dentists will really customize your treatment. They’ll look at your teeth and give you the exact sort of whitening you need. Salons take more of a one size fits all approach. Additionally dentists will be safer because they will know if your teeth are suitable for treatment in the first place. Salons however may still be safer than doing the treatment yourself.


Some clinics offer discounts if you go for treatment with a friend. You can talk to your friends and get them interested in trying the procedure. If you all have the treatment at the same clinic, the practitioner will give you a discount on the price. This is an effective marketing tool for the clinic. At a salon if you buy more than one treatment at a time you can usually get a reduced price.

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