Some of the best ways to remove skin tags include cauterizing and freezing but they remain the most expensive avenues to use.

But, there are a few alternative methods through which a patient can have skin tags removed. And this is without having to pay any way near as much for professional treatment. We’ll look at all of these approaches on this page.

Home Removal

Removing skin tags at home is one of the cheapest ways for a person to remove the tags provided that it is done correctly and safely. There are dangers associated with carrying this process out in the home. One major potential issue is that it’s very easy to confuse them with malignant tumors (see our article on telling the difference). They can actually look quite similar. If its growth is rapid, and it appears to change color and shape frequently, don’t proceed with the removal process because these signs indicate that it could be a tumor. You should go and see a dermatologist or health care specialist.

If it doesn’t display these signs, you may proceed with a home treatment. But you must seek medical advice if you have even the smallest doubt that a lump isn’t a skin tag.

Cutting them off yourself is another choice. Although you must take necessary care when doing this.

Being Natural

There are some natural remedies you can use to remove skin tags, one of these includes the use of tea tree oil. Dermisil specifically contains tea tree oil. It’s a herbal extract, and is widely accepted for its effectiveness as one of the best, and least invasive ways to remove tags.

The beauty with this extract is that it helps with treatment of a variety of skin conditions. Ingredients all contain natural properties such as those extracted from Ricinus communis (castor oil plant), Melaleuca alternifolia (the tea tree), and Thuja occidentalis (evergreen tree).

Many of the skin tag creams also contain natural ingredients.

Nail Polish, Dental Floss & Duct Tape

Another method you can use is applying finger nail polish on the skin tag thrice every day for two days, the skin tags may fall off on their own without causing you any pain. Dental floss is also quite effective for removing the skin tag. It just requires the patient to tie the floss or a thin string around the base of the skin tag for a few days until it falls off on its own. It falls off because the blood supply has been cut.

Similar to this is the use of a duct tape is where a you cut a square part of it out and cover the skin tag for several days. Then you can gradually peel it off and see if the tag has come off too. This will only work with smaller tags.

Professional Help

It is important to talk with a dermatologist when a skin tag reappears even after you successfully dealt with it previously. It could be another condition. The above methods could help removing your skin tags but if they don’t, and you really want to be rid of them, obviously a visit to the clinic for professional help may be needed. This will usually be the case if the tag is large or you have lots of them.

If you can afford it professional removal is of course the best. The tags will be removed quickly and painlessly, without leaving any sign of them on the skin.

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