Getting skin tags is an annoying problem. But did you know skin tag removal from home is possible, as long as they’re relatively small in size?

They are unsightly but don’t cause much harm so it’s not always necessary to remove them. But if they’re very small you don’t always need to pay a visit to your local dermatologist or a surgical specialist.

In fact sometimes a doctor can even instruct you to cut a skin tag off yourself. But as always, if you’re unsure about the size, or think it’s too big then seek medical help to be on the safe side. Don’t take any stupid risks.

How To Prepare

There are a number of items you will need in the house in order to remove the tag successfully and these are:

  • A sharp pair of manicure like scissors.
  • Some alcohol (the stronger the better).
  • Ice cubes.
  • Gauze.
  • An antibiotic ointment.

In a matter of minutes you can use these items to remove the tags at home on your own. Here are some pictures of skin tags, make sure yours look the same first!

Sterilize Everything

Obviously the cleanliness of your own hands is very important. So start by washing them so you don’t transfer germs onto sterilized equipment. The alcohol should be used to sterilize the pair of scissors, before allowing it to dry. Ensure no dirt pollutes it in any way so put it on something clean.

This is very important and minimizes the chance of infection. It’s also a good idea to dab the area surrounding the tag with alcohol too.

Getting it Off

You should be prepared for a stinging sensation as you proceed with the removal, though the levels of pain are negligible most of the time. To stop there being as much pain, you can numb the skin by using the ice cubes. Place the ice cubes over the area where the lesions are located and hold them there for some time until you feel the skin growing numb before proceeding with the procedure.

Final Checks

A skin tag is usually held on to the skin by a stalk . The thickness or thinness of the stalk determines whether or not you remove it on your own. As you are pulling the skin tag away from the skin, before using the scissors to cut it, check its thickness. If it’s very thick, book an appointment with a dermatologist for a medical or surgical procedure. However, if it’s very thin, pull it away from the skin, take the pair of scissors and after locating its thinnest portion, cut it at that point. If you’re worried this will leave too much of the tag stalk then you can seek professional help. However it should go after time. Especially if you exfoliate it after you’ve cut it. Give it time to heal first though!

If Anything Goes Wrong

At times, skin tag removal at home may result in a lot of bleeding on the skin. If this happens, take the gauze and use it to apply from pressure on the particular location. Then get hold of antibiotic ointment and apply it on the part where you just removed the skin tag. Where necessary, the use of bandages may be called upon. However, this rarely happens but it’s best to be prepared for this eventuality by having some bandages nearby to protect the skin from getting infected after the skin tag has been removed.

Always endeavour to have all the items you will need for this process nearby before you proceed. You may not need them but it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you see a lot of blood, or the bleeding doesn’t stop then seek medical attention immediately.

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