The skin tag removal costs from a clinic are high because they are considered to be part and parcel of the cosmetic surgery industry. And as we know, cosmetic surgery is a costly industry!

The removal of these lesions is considered to be cosmetic surgery primarily because you can easily go about your day-to-day life with multiple skin tags on your skin and the treatment isn’t really 100% necessary in most cases. They’re just so common with up to 50% of everyone reporting them some time in their life. Insurance will rarely cover their removal.

People proceed to have them removed mainly because of the effect it has on self-esteem and appearance. The costs vary depending on the dermatologist, doctor or skin care specialist you consult for these services. The location of the clinics also plays a big part in the total cost.

Reason for Cost

Although costs from a clinic might be very high, they remain the safest procedures. It is the best procedure for situations where the tags are large-sized and measure up to 5cm. The small ones can be removed naturally at home but the large ones really should be gotten rid of within a professional hospital settings.

When Bleeding Occurs

It is only in the presence of a medical professional that any severe bleeding emanating from the surgical procedure can be controlled and brought to a halt. Another benefit of having the treatment done in a clinic is the way that the skin tag will look afterwards.

Nice & Neat

Sometimes with DIY treatments the stalks of the tags are still showing and they can look very messy. Although the stalks will go in the long-term you’ll still have to wait quite a while. With a treatment at a clinic you skin should be looking back to normal much faster.

How Much You Can Expect to Pay

Typically the cost of removal from a clinic can be around $150-200. The costs may go up based on whether the doctor sees the need to carry out further tests on the tag. This could be in a situation where the skin tag looks very big or unusual. The high costs are due to the anesthesia, dressings and any other follow-up service that might be carried out on the part of the body where the tag was removed.

The high costs are usually a result of the consultation fees demanded by the doctor carrying out the procedure from the start to finish. The consultation fees may be redeemed but this is dependent on specific clinics.

Other Considerations

The skin tag removal costs from a clinic are subject to the number of lesions on the skin. If its only one, the costs will be much lower. However, in a situation where an area of your body is full of multiple skin tags, then costs will be much higher. Cutting the tags off isn’t the only way the clinics can remove a tag. They may also use one of the following methods:

  • Electro surgery.
  • Liquid nitrogen treatment.
  • CO2 laser (often expensive but effective).

Unfortunately it’s hard to get an exact estimation on the price because of the many factors which alter price. It’s best to go to your local clinic so they can give you a quick estimation.

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