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Spray tanning is a popular alternative to sunbeds and regular outdoor sunbathing. It offers several benefits over traditional tanning methods. It can also cover stretch marks. If done properly the appearance of stretch marks can be severely reduced with spray tans. At least for a short time anyway – spray tans aren’t permanent.

What are Stretch Marks?

They can be caused by loads of things like pregnancy, exercise and weight gain. If you want to know more about stretch marks, and potential ways to reduce them, visit our stretch marks part of the site. Unfortunately stretch marks are permanent. They will fade over time but will never be gone completely. The best method is to try and make them less noticeable.

Does Normal Tanning do the Job?

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Normal tanning does not work on stretch marks. If anything it will make them stand out more. The skin around the stretch marks will tan, but the stretch marks themselves will remain white / silver. The Stretch mark lesions simply do not tan at all. You can’t think of stretch marks as healthy skin; they’re basically scars.

What About Sunless Tanning?

We look at how sunless tanning, or spray tanning, works here. The chemicals are sprayed onto your outer layer of skin which is enough to make the smaller marks much less visible. They should disappear completely in some cases as your skin gets blended into a nice even tone.

Salon vs Home

Getting the treatment from a salon will of course give you the best results, but home fake tan works well too. A professional may have dealt with people who have had stretch marks before. This means they’ll be experienced in the matter and may be able to give you extra advice about the exact tone you should go for. However usually they just treat a body with stretch marks the same as a body without them. The vast majority of people report less noticeable stretch marks after the tan.

A Great Solution?

In a way spray tans are the perfect (temporary) solution to stretch marks. If there are times your stretch marks will be on display (like if you’re going on holiday / to the beach) then getting a spray on tan will do a good job at hiding them. Some people don’t want to spray tan all the time because of the cost. But having it for one off special occasions doesn’t work out too expensive. Regardless, it’s a small price to pay to feel comfortable in a bikini again. Even if it’s not forever.

Keep in mind that everyone has different skin. Spray tan may not work well for covering everyone’s stretch marks. You should try applying some shop bought fake tan onto one of your stretch marks and the surrounding area to see the results.

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