No one wants a horrible orange looking tan which is obviously fake. Here we will look into how realistic they can actually look.

Tanning has been around since the 1950s. Many people would sit in the sun frequently for hours or longer in order to get tanned skin. Later on, sunbeds became available and people focused on getting a tan from sunbeds to decrease the chance of getting skin cancer.

However in the 1970s it was circulated that skin cancer could also come from using sunbeds. This is when spray tans were developed. Thus, the attention of the public then focused on getting spray tans as an alternative to sunbathing and sunbeds.

The Best Approach

By far the best process for getting a realistic looking sunless tan is by going to a salon. Some fake tan products you buy at home can look quite bad. Sometimes they can even make you look orange, rather than tanned. A salon will usually offer services which involve an airbrush tan or a booth tan. If you choose the former, a spraying technician will assist you in spraying the solution. When using a booth, the machines will be the one to spray it out on your body. By having the treatment done at a salon or spa you increase the chances of having a nice even tan.
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Obviously it’s easier for someone else to see how even your tan is if they’re doing it themselves, rather than you doing it yourself . And since they’re professionals you can expect the quality of the tan to be even higher. As for the machines, they’re actually designed to evenly distribute the tan as realistically as possible.

Home Tans

You can buy some good home based fake tans, but you’ll need to shop around a bit and try a few out. Some brands can look good on one person, but bad on another. But if you do find a brand which works for you, choose a color which looks natural on your skin, and apply it nice and evenly, then they can look very realistic.

Key Questions

Part of making the tan look realistic is choosing the shade of your tan. How dark you would like your tan to be? This is an important question which the salon should be able to help you with. You can choose from a wide range of colors to match your skin tone. But if you go too dark it will look unnatural. It’s best to go too light rather than too dark.

High Quality Tans

As should be apparent, a big factor in how realistic a tan is the place you get it done. Quite simply you pay for results. The best spray tan salons will provide services which are completely indistinguishable from a real tan. While cheaper treatments can still look realistic, they won’t be of as high a quality. They also won’t last as long. If you’re getting the treatment to cover stretch marks the reputation of the salon is essential.

You should ask to see examples of their work to be safe. If they can’t provide you with any then perhaps there’s a reason they didn’t take photos of past people who have had the tan!

So to answer the initial question, yes they do. But only when done by a skilled professional.

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