The areas of the skin that develop stretch marks do so because the skin is torn. This sometimes makes it hard to go back to its original appearance. Stretch marks are an embarrassment for many people because of their unsightly nature. Many people try to find ways to remove them or just have them covered up.

If you’ve exhausted all other methods tattoos are an alternative way you could cover your stretch marks. However whether this is a good idea will depend on the size of the mark and where exactly it’s located on your body.

Is it Possible?

The short answer is yes, you can tattoo over stretch marks. Even though some people may choose to do so, there has been some debate on whether it is a good option, especially since the skin is broken in areas where the scarring appears.

For or Against

There are two sides of the debate with those for tattooing over stretch marks arguing that tattoos are a great way to make the affected area look good again. It can completely divert attention away from, or completely cover a stretch mark. However, for those against the concept argue that the outcome may be less flattering because the tattoo ink may migrate into the skin while it is being worked on resulting in a distorted tattoo in regard to its color. You also don’t want to tattoo over a mark which is still changing or fading. Given enough time it could go by itself.

Important Considerations

So it is a potential option for some. For those that choose to go through with it it’s important to keep a number of considerations in mind. This increases the chances of having a good result. Remember if your tattoo goes wrong too you’ll be in an even worse situation. It’s an out of the frying pan and into the fire sort of situation!

  • It is important to find a tattoo artist that has experienced in tattooing over stretch marks or even scars so that they can advise on the best one for you. They can also say if your stretch mark is suitable to be tattooed over. Look for reviews online or try to see if there is an artist in your local area who specifically states that they tattoo over stretch marks. A simple Google search should provide you with this information.
  • The best time to tattoo over stretch marks is when they are over a year because the skin is less sensitive and the pain will be minimal. The older the stretch marks, the better the result of the tattoo so that the ink does not seep into the skin resulting in a distorted tattoo. As mentioned above stretch marks can heal too. This gives you a chance to see if it’s healing at all. If you see steady progress then maybe a tattoo isn’t the best option.

Overall, stretch marks can be tattooed over but it is important to find a tattoo artist that you trust and is experienced in the matter. If possible you should also consult your dermatologist.

Have a look here for some images of stretch marks which have been tattooed over.

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