There are various plausible reasons as to why people get skin tags.

In most cases the tags are a result of repeated irritation on the skin. Trying to find the exact causes can be very tricky due to the wide range of potential factors which can cause them. This is backed up by the fact that one in every two people have reported skin tags at some time in their life.

Some of these potential causes are looked at on this page.

The Main Causes

They are most common under the armpits and are potentially caused as a result of repeated deodorant use, or through continued shaving of the hair under the armpits. Where a lot of sitting is involved due to the nature of a person’s job, skin tags can occur around the anal area.

Anything that irritates the skin can potentially contribute towards skin tags.


Where there was once a wound which never healed properly, it could result in the emergence a skin tags. Often they are spontaneous and can occur on any part of the body including the face, or just around the eyes. When clothing aggressively rubs against the tags, they can get infected and this results in further complications.

Skin Rubbing

A common factor in the cause of skin tags seems to be one area of the skin rubbing against the other part. This results in an irritation which eventually leads to tags. It is thought that people with weight problems are affected by skin tags more than those who are a healthy weight.

This is because there is a higher chance of skin folds, and therefore skin rubbing against each other. The chances of a person being affected by skin tags are boosted where he or she is afflicted by diabetes. This is because the disease is responsible for a lot of skin irritation hence, and as mentioned above, irritation is a key cause.


The issue of age, it is thought, plays a part as it affects more than 60% of people in middle age. The aging process and the role it plays in causing skin tags has been examined quite a bit. It is reported that people in middle age tend to suffer more from this skin condition primarily because their body cells are unable to be renewed at the same pace as before. As a result of the slow renewal of the body cells, a person will complain of skin irritation which eventually leads to the emergence of skin tags.

In summary, skin tags affect any person irrespective of sex, race, or weight. But there are certain groups of people who are more likely to suffer from them. Because of the wide range of causes, it’s impossible to fully prevent the risk of getting them. The main focus should be on treating them when they do occur. Generally keeping in good shape, and having healthy skin can decrease the risk of getting them. Avoiding wearing tight clothing may also help reduce irritation.

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